Rumor: AOL in talks to sell Winamp to Microsoft

Lewis Leong


We reported yesterday that Winamp is going to shut down operations on December 20th of this year but the media player could potentially live on. TechCrunch is reporting that AOL, who owns Winamp developer Nullsoft, is in talks with Microsoft to sell the media player and its Shoutcast internet radio service. Their sources say the two companies are currently in talks.

There is some doubt to the validity of this rumor, since Microsoft has its own media player and streaming media services. Windows Media Player is still bundled with Windows 7 and up but it’s quickly losing popularity to music streaming apps and services like Spotify or the company’s own Xbox Music.

Rumor: AOL in talks to sell Winamp to Microsoft

It’s not surprising that AOL is trying to sell off Winamp and Shoutcast as the company tries to refocus as a media advertising network. AOL owns plenty of popular blogs like TechCrunch, Huffington Post, and Engadget. The question is if Microsoft needs Winamp or Shoutcast.


Source: TechCrunch

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