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"A Great Audio Player"

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Winamp to me is one of the greatest audio players not just for the sound but for the auto-tagging feature as well. It not only plays CDs and almost any audio file you can imagine but it can auto-tag almost all audio files as well. The "now playing" feature puts it slightly above Spider Player for my main Audio Player and it's second to none for my auto-tagging needs.

The downsides are the fact the sound quality isn't quite as good as Spider Player and when the Auto-Tagging feature fails, it can freeze up the player and your computer.

if your a music lover and wish to let the world know what you like and want everything tagged nice and neatly, you'll be hard pressed to find a more complete audio player.

  • Auto-Tagging
  • Plays CDs And Almost All Audio Files
  • Now Playing Feature
  • Customizable
  • Free
  • Sound Quality Is Lower than Spider Player
  • Sometimes Auto-Tagging Doesn't Work
  • Can Freeze Up Computer

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11 Jul 2010

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