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"Winamp Video Player"

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Winamp is strictly used as a back-up now.The main reason? There were simply too many videos that it wouldn't play.($$$#0#$$$) was the first video player I downloaded when I got my first computer back in 2007.One of the things I noticed early on was that many of the videos would play -- but there would be no picture,or no sound,or both{the only way you could tell a video was playing was that the clock-counter and bar indicator were moving}! Another thing I never liked about ($$$#0#$$$) was the pause button -- it's NOT an instant stop pause button.I can say that ($$$#0#$$$) does have it's good points{see the pros below},but for an all-in-one video player that plays most videos{no single video player plays EVERY video}get the VLC video player.As one review said 'the videos simply start playing'.My default video player is now VLC,no longer is it ($$$#0#$$$).

  • Lists the frame size,has good sound to it,and an extra-large frame for HD videos.
  • Simply will not play many videos out there.Many times there will be no picture,or no sound -- or both! I had a long playlist that Winamp used to play.Now Winamp will hardly play ANY videos on that playlist.

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20 Apr 2012

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