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Dinkar Kamat
Dinkar KamatUpdated 5 months ago

An easy-to-use media player for Windows

Winamp is one of the most popular free media players for Microsoft Windows PCs. The program is also available for your Mac or Android device. While the player comes with limited customization options, you can choose from multiple skins to change the appearance and layout. If you prefer to use a single offline audio player to listen to music, Winamp will be an excellent choice. The veteran media player is easy to use and supports multiple file formats, including MP3, FLAC, AAC, MIDI, WAV, M4A, WMA, MOD, and MPEG.


Play your favorite music conveniently


Winamp is a popular Windows application that comes in a lightweight installation package. While using this free music player, you shouldn’t experience any issues with performance. During the installation process, the program will ask if you want to make Winamp the default player on your PC. You can even set certain preferences and go ahead with a custom install. Owing to the classic look and interface, the tool is redolent of simpler times in the 2000s when streaming services like Spotify were not available. 

Once you’ve installed the program, you need to go through the ‘Options’ menu to get a hang of the various customization options. You can play around with skins and modify many aspects, including aesthetics, file formats, media sources, audio quality, etc. Winamp can deliver hours of entertainment without the hassle brought forth by comprehensive audio apps. Like MediaMonkey, the tool even acts as a library management app.

How to use Winamp?

Since Winamp was launched in an era of simplicity, it focuses on ease of use, basic controls, and a classic layout. When you open the application for the first time, Winamp asks about the video and music folders you wish to connect. Additionally, you can import music from iTunes, a blessing for some Mac users.

Once you’re done, the program gives you a detailed file structure in the left pane of the window. In the center, you can notice the ‘currently playing’ media. The main window also displays a playlist search function and playlist editor. There’s even a media monitor to automatically detect new media from websites, streaming services, or specific folders.

Unless you manually open a media file, the music player keeps running as a mini-player with a smaller interface. On playing your favorite music, the main window displays a media library and graphical visualization of the media being played and serves as a simple web browser for audio files on the internet.

What are the main features?

As mentioned earlier, Winamp acts as a comprehensive music library on your Windows PC. It lets you sync the entire music collection to a smartphone or MP3 player. Additionally, you can stream music over the internet, ensuring you’re able to share music with friends. Winampd also offers a few other music sharing functionalities. For instance, it lets you access a many online radio stations. You can even scan websites to look for downloadable MP3s to conveniently add to the library.

Like KMPlayer and VLC Media Player, Winamp is a good choice for converting and ripping music. The program can rip audio from CDs. Moreover, it can encode music in WMA, AAC, and other file formats. Most importantly, the tool supports a wide range of plugins to extend functionalities and features. For instance, you can use plugins for graphic equalizers to boost 3D sound, support lossless FLAC file format, and crossfade.

It’s easy and straightforward to import music to Winamp. You only need to choose the relevant directory on launching the player, and everything is cataloged instantly. Winamp comes with a built-in tool to import existing iTunes playlists. A plugin can help you import files from Media Player Classic. With so many features, Winamp remains a good choice for managing and listening to your favorite music on Windows PCs.

Does it still work for Windows?

While you can easily download the program on the latest version of Windows, it’s recent history has faced some turmoil. In 2013, the development team stopped releasing updates. Since then, Winamp has been focused on developing a mobile version of the program to dominate the market for music players available for smartphones.

The all-new program works in sync on different platforms and gives you more options to choose media sources. However, the tool retains the classic interface and acts as a good gesture to loyal fans. Unfortunately, the lack of updates can be a deterrent for some users, who had been expecting new features and functionalities at par with modern-day music players.

Also, Winamp doesn’t feature any playback customization options. These are available in most next-gen media players for Windows PCs. Regardless, it’s still a good player, offering comprehensive third-party plugin support to extend usage and functionality.



An ideal choice for your Windows PC

Winamp has been around for over a decade, reminiscent of the 2000s. The simple interface, customizable skins, and easy-to-use controls ensure you have a good time enjoying your favorite music. While the development team, Nullsoft, has been focusing on building a mobile music player, Winamp download for Windows 10 is still a great choice for PCs. It provides you with various features, support for third-party plugins, and lets you convert and rip media to different file formats.

Winamp also acts as a full-fledged music library on your computer, so you can play around with various media sources. 

Overall, if you’re looking to use a simple audio player without the trouble of comprehensive customizations or streaming options, the latest version of Winamp works quite well!



  • Customizable skins
  • Supports multiple media sources
  • Simple interface
  • Supports multiple file formats


  • Outdated esthetics
  • Lack of updates

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Winamp for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 5.9.2
  • 4.2

  • Security Status

User reviews about Winamp

  • L1mi

    by L1mi

    Cant download winamp to my computer and then transfer it to the mobile, this is too user friendly/dumb. I hate the future..

  • Michael Griffith

    by Michael Griffith

    I need a player that will stream to a DLNA device. I read that Winamp would work. When it didn't, I removed it. I don't need another player to play More

  • indra prakoso

    by indra prakoso

    good looking, freindly and aesy to use, no purchase, good sound

  • Emman Rahmat

    by Emman Rahmat

    great apps since i used 15 years ago.
    many feature and look comfort to me.
    always use this for play music and also video.

  • William zhang

    by William zhang


  • Ahmad Abdulaziz

    by Ahmad Abdulaziz

    the best program and the old one i know
    i need it for another software for aproject


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