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A hugely popular and versatile audio and media player

Winamp was born as a very basic media player and has slowly but consistently improving for many years. Its main purpose was to be completely customizable and through the years, many people have contributed to a library that now consists of over...
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  • Pavittran Paramasivam

    by Pavittran Paramasivam

    simple installation and easy to use. plus better than windows media player.

  • Gregory Anderson

    by Gregory Anderson

    I have been a WinAmp fan for the last 18 years. I've checked out other similar programs, but none of them could match the ease-of-use and quality and features of WinAmp.

  • Wolfgang Oertel

    by Wolfgang Oertel

    Had no chance to try it because of all the interfering ads.Please let the new to WinAmp people finish installing it.

  • Dads Twofruits

    by Dads Twofruits

    very nice and usefull application specially during christmas season

  • Rajin Anik

    by Rajin Anik

    Supper Apps for PC. Very Good And Help full Apps this sound its supper

  • Laurence Crause

    by Laurence Crause

    best. easy, old-known, much of plugins, skins and easy, old-known, much of plugins, skins and etc.

  • Robert Armitage

    by Robert Armitage

    don't know i will now type 60 characters 00000000000000000000000000

  • vineeth mathew

    by vineeth mathew

    It really wimp. I have tried almost all the other MP3 players but I was not at all happy with all those. Then I installed Winamp, it is cool. User friendly and it has all the option I am looking for . Pros: Equalizer, Visualization and skins. Cons: Will let u know

  • Larry  Agbezuge

    by Larry Agbezuge

    Vital plugin is needed to validate "heterodox" audio formats!. This plugin is critical for appending basic metadata to AMR-format audio files (popular with most mobile phone manufacturers; accordingly supported on most smartphones and many basic cellular phones of the newer sorts--and has replaced the older, similar QCP audio format)--NOT supported on Windows media Player!

  • by Anonymous

    Greatest stand alone music player ever!. Greatest PC stand alone music player ever! I use it almost exclusively to play Shoutcast internet radio stations in the background. Winamp, itself, uses almost no resources & conflicts with nothing. Sound quality & control over sound quality is major-excellent. Winamp really redefines the meaning of "It really whips the llama's ass!" Winamp makes yoMore

  • Aria Aisyah

    by Aria Aisyah

    yes i do. i want make about winamp at my computer because a like it's.

  • by Anonymous

    A genius app with an great, nay, excellent equalizer! Still brag it up!. Been enjoying it since the 90s. The equalizer and fractals/ visualization alone makes it great! Love seeing those up on my 65 inch ultra high def TV mind blowing.... Its the Chevy Corvette Stingray of music apps!

  • by Anonymous

    Winamp 5666 has an easy to use interface and very good sound. . Love Classic Winamp. Happy to see that Winamp is still available in Jan. 2016 to install on my new PC. I enjoy it's clean Classic Format with it's straightforward features. It contains all the information I want to know about tracks in the top panel, an easy to use equalizer, and Playlist all on one screen. The sound quality is very gMore

  • by Anonymous

    THE BEST MUSIC PLAYER!!!. This is the best music player with visualization !!! Enough said !!! LOL !!! :-) :-) :-) Pros: Skins and visualization !!! Cons: More skins

  • by Anonymous

    The Best. I'm searching again for a good tool for music listening, and am thinking again in to use WinAmp

  • by Anonymous

    disgustingly. Winamp does not work on windows 8 , constantly running Setup though winamp has already been installed !

  • by Anonymous

    Winamp is vastly superior to any other media player.. Winamp is vastly superior to iTunes, or any other media player, for that matter.It is highly customizable, and making playlists is so very easy. Pros: The ease with which you can make playlists in Winamp. Cons: nothing

  • by Anonymous

    The Speed Of Updated Version Releasing Is Extremely Slow.. The Speed Of Updated Version Releasing Is Extremely Slow. Besides, Now Nullsoft Had Been Already Stop The Development.

  • by Anonymous

    I prefer VLC. I prefer VLC. Winamp was (and still is) great for music, but having a universal player is much better. Pros: Simplicity. Multiple skins. Cons: limited functionalty

  • by Anonymous

    NO ONE !. I got my first taste of winamp in 1998 and have never looked back !!!!

  • by Anonymous

    good app. its too good because its depend on us that which file we want to add on it. Pros: equiliser. Cons: good quality of sound. backup system of any deleted file which have already saved on it

  • by Anonymous

    Winamp Video Player. Winamp is strictly used as a back-up now.The main reason? There were simply too many videos that it wouldn't play.Winamp was the first video player I downloaded when I got my first computer back in 2007.One of the things I noticed early on was that many of the videos would play -- but there would be no picture,or no sound,or both{the only way you could tell a video was playingMore

  • by Anonymous

    Winamp vs iTune. Winamp is an example of altruism and generosity, developpers have build what is the most straight forward and probably the best Music Player/Organizer application for everyone to use freely ... Hats down. The opposite example is Apple's iTune solely driven by profit and egemonic proprietorship. They've prevented newest versions of their iProducts to be recognized by Winamp (ref. mMore

  • by Anonymous

    Winamp.... Just the best. I first encountered winamp for the first time in 2004. And my music life has never been the same. Now and forever for music it will always be winamp

  • by Anonymous

    this program is very limited to files. I have Karafun and it plays all zip files of the Karaoke type, were as winamp only plays pioneer type and mp3. I have tried selecting file to open ,to only find that they do not. If there is a fix for this please let me Pros: like the look. Cons: does not play zip files

  • by Anonymous

    WinAmp comes on top. When compared to other Media players (even the big ones) WinAmp is the top dog. It was easy to download, is easy to use to keep everything organized, and is speedy. I love it. Pros: Nice easy download, quick and painless. Cons: no

  • by Anonymous

    much faster than i-tune_latest. i like winamp,b'se it takes very less time to LOAD comparing to i-tune player.... i-tune starts with very loading processes....very irritatinnggggg........!!!

  • by Anonymous

    A Great Audio Player. Winamp to me is one of the greatest audio players not just for the sound but for the auto-tagging feature as well. It not only plays CDs and almost any audio file you can imagine but it can auto-tag almost all audio files as well. The "now playing" feature puts it slightly above Spider Player for my main Audio Player and it's second to none for my auto-taggiMore

  • by Anonymous

    Vista Stories: Winamp. The latest edition of one of the best players of today. Nullsoftov Winamp is an audio player that supports audio CDs, MP3, MOD, WAV and many other audio and video files. Support for skins, supports visual effects. Additional options are decoders, etc. Media Libary

  • by Anonymous

    The only player I think of. There are many other players out there, but none has the community and support like Winamp does. I tried several other players, but always return to Winamp. By the way, for several years I use the Multipass skin, which for me still stands out in his interface. I am someone that changes his desktop wallpaper every week, I like changes in looks and feel, but even knowMore